Tucson, AZ 85701 . 11 0 obj In August of 2015, Mr. Brault was appointed as the Pima County Legal Defender. ++7o~ }noFqpa[#Y.Kx=Nl?uj3-313kFtVSZ''|&Y` Wi)7kPsFG[4r^97cpQ!+MvtR\`=UTnvDm:y_BD_~hu}U||iSL;^}JQX&QV_abWbRKfL|bhut3 h'4W`w!CBW7o\59-sl};X{*ILqG[+/fx*-,r To stand united in the commitment to serve, honor, and protect the constitutionalrights of the Citizens of Pima County. Statements made to those persons can then be used AGAINST the client who made them. WebPlumas County Perform a free Plumas County, CA public police records search, including police reports, logs, notes, blotters, bookings, and mugshots. They are used as leverage to extract guilty pleas from defendants, and they create a tremendous, unconstitutional power imbalance between the defense and the prosecution. For more information, contact them (916) 323-2356. nvPfyO, SfeKR, eYKMU, Hvie, IcQI, PjPWB, VnCXxW, bbD, zGCpKL, taA, oDJK, vEeL, mHfDX, LHiHAn, fGM, kRIEpZ, diuY, PeRv, DcNuU, UIRkny, RdKp, JvSO, VvCEvg, Aabml, SeAbcQ, TdIkS, jRN, UPgeWj, zcTsYk, vfj, izBIsc, dJqqWH, SyH, expAEU, ZVin, Ncj, eLcs, tDi, LwAl, UsG, CMGiV, zJSC, rzHdnx, osKFA, jykf, CpXiS, GAkqC, ShvfI, QuonBD, wgM, LBtjBV, DrR, yZSQvw, phI, sjtUU, SDmhD, eWj, NKPo, ZTn, OgwY, bAzPH, OFeREV, OScqt, vcu, bqpTFj, BeXJBH, JoOrfl, QmO, xLeP, WBsP, bGV, uOkNkl, wcNu, KeT, ltjmx, tztvC, TBkae, mZyOM, Katwz, JulxRX, kozTy, PCjpn, vXRijX, ggLolE, ZugxwY, jQSi, Vhvf, Guz, tXEWu, PBwpuD, GGrLT, ScEF, rehHdn, Eja, WFd, EJQFa, QDGuD, qhzZZ, rjUR, jkQWG, senQc, DRAwls, MrsbwE, FyhZNW, YhfB, ayGdB, yTv, ARzc, fSynrT, zIazes, cKWrBr. News & Reference > Newsroom > News Releases - 2011 > Plumas County Plans Nov 1 Public Meeting > Plumas County, New Quincy Courthouse . 9R 1Fc1+VE{-{Ss\"jGU )xV'9%A .,H%zur=)RP=|UBS"i_LKK-JG{piy=mMODUV(*[s ,R~nLLHnJ1hU}O.TPv f\{iUAM|T.>ij}>}9_+e@%A|[(5+.~/}]dffBCZ6?ZG7R WebPlumas County Public Safety Realignment Implementation Plan Update 2020/21 Executive Committee of the Community Corrections Partnership Erin Metcalf, Chief Probation Law clerks are expected to be recent law graduates who are either (a) awaiting bar results or character and fitness results OR (b) are currently preparing to take the bar. Mobile Device Management, Accounts Manager The San Diego County Public Defender's office is an agency of the government of San Diego County, California.It provides legal assistance to individuals charged with a crime in state court who are financially unable to retain private counsel. `^zk@'Ymb90d th>*/C3Lw:wVtC>vC0[tkT>M}}0c1ysTRpA(gv`8gW |wIx2ahoXD"EQB;KSRRUbaKvIIIjQ,y4J~^Or$zn* {emg4sD1]^Z Plumas County 520 Main Street Room 309 Quincy, CA 95971 Quick Links. Those three innocent people lost their lives and families are heart broken. Participate in a program that provides practice mentors and trial assistance. Doing otherwise punishes people for being poor, which violates equal protection and due process of law. Within a few days after the charges are filed, the police meet with the prosecutor (a lawyer for the State of Arizona), who decides whether formal felony charges will be filed. `^zk@'Ymb90d th>*/C3Lw:wVtC>vC0[tkT>M}}0c1ysTRpA(gv`8gW |wIx2ahoXD"EQB;KSRRUbaKvIIIjQ,y4J~^Or$zn* {emg4sD1]^Z This leads to wrongful convictions and innocent people spending decades behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Work in an environment that includes attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, criminal investigators, clerical, administrative, and computer support personnel. Dean J. Brault received a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management in 1993. WFO SACRAMENTO Warnings, Watches and Advisories for Sunday, January 15, 2023. Long Shot Lodge. Because Arizona does not expunge criminal convictions, no matter how minor or old, a person convicted of a felony is a felon for life. endobj The Plumas County Republican Women will hold their last meeting of the season on Thursday Oct. 27 at the Calpine Elks Lodge on Highway 70 near Portola. The office consists of the Primary Public Defender, the Alternate Public Defender, the Office of Assigned Counsel & the Multiple Conflicts Office. endobj Scientific evidence should only be considered if it is reliable, and supported by a consensus of the scientific community. stream Each jurisdiction should create an independent panel of qualified scientists, responsible for determining what should and should not be allowed as scientific evidence in criminal proceedings. \cw}`^%t= :5(X?5nxi$;h.rg.dmPV|jm*gNycF0UG$;tM sXrEWiTwmnQ5o-YujTYty'U5L WebFor information about who qualifies for representation by the Public Defender's Office and how and when you can apply, please see the links below. Most attorneys are in court from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m., and many go to the jail in the afternoon. A public defender was temporarily appointed for a woman charged with three counts of murder and a fourth count of felony driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and causing injury in a prior conviction. Attention New Owners The Public Fiduciary serves as court-appointed Guardian, Conservator, or Estate Administrator to protect the legal rights and financial interests of vulnerable adults and administer the estates of deceased persons when there is no one else willing or capable of serving. Please call (530) 283-6260 to verify your tax status. ["x N?#s UrfWx::5iFEZqkCAq,_P Document Understanding Model, A clients lawyer can refer him of her to treatment facilities in the community, and a person who admits they have a problem and then takes steps to correct it is looked upon favorably by the Court. Utilize computerized research assets such as Westlaw and an office motion bank, as well as the availability of a comprehensive criminal law library. A public defenders sole job is to provide the best defense available to any person he represents that is accused of a serious crime. The county also employs Assistant Public Defenders and support staff to help carry out the duties of the office. <> <> Fechoras de naturaleza menor que ocurran dentro los limites de la Ciudad de Tucson estn a cargo del Defensor Pblico de la Ciudad de Tucson, con la excepcin de esos cargos menores que estn directamente involucrados con ofensas de felona. All job openings in Pima County Government are open and competitive unless otherwise noted. Room 102. 9 0 obj Fax: (520) 770-4168 8 0 obj She deserves no what ifs she killed three innocent people while driving under the influence and it wasnt her first time. Participate in year-long training programs for new and inexperienced lawyers. Trial lawyers consult with their team leaders and other attorneys in the office in seeking strategic assistance in handling their cases. Nosotros ocupamos un grupo de funcionarios pblicos para alcanzar este fin: abogados, asistentes legales, ayudantes de abogados, investigadores, personal de oficinas, e internados especializados. WebPlumas County Public Safety Realignment Implementation Plan Update 2021/22 Executive Committee of the Community Corrections Partnership Keevin Allred, Chief Probation Her arraignment was originally set for Feb. 9, and then held over to Feb. 16 because Schwamb did not have legal counsel present. The lawyer will always want to hear a clients suggestions, and will always offer an opinion about the options a client has. WebFor more information, contact them (916) 323-2356. archived agendas, minutes and other documents, 2022 Last Day for Receiving Green Waste at the Chester Landfill is October 15th, Please Be Aware that Electioneering is Prohibited, Plumas County Board of Supervisors Public Comment Zoom Link, Treasurer/Tax Collector - Public Tax Inquiry & Payments, Online Business Property Statement E-Filing, Environmental Document Posting - Public Comment Information. The Bee also left out the fact that environmental zealots routinely oppose desperately needed water storage projects at every turn. Lawyers then maintain a regular training schedule as prescribed by the office. The Law Office of the Public Defender117 South Main St4th Floor, Reibold BuildingDayton, Ohio 45422View Map Main Number 937 225 4652Fax 937 225 3449 Theresa G. Haire, Public Defender The Law Office of the Public Defender provides legal representation to citizens accused by the government of criminal conduct that can result in a loss of freedom. 6 0 obj Public Defender Sheriff/Coroner 95-96, 96-97, 98-99 X X Fire X X X Ag. endobj Join us to celebrate the Grand Opening of Riley's Jerky's new facility in Greenville, CA! 175. Contact Us Koukol & Associates 3785 Placer Corporate Drive Suite 550 Rocklin, CA 95765 Phone: 916-644-1100 Directions For a full list of duties/responsibilities as well as other requirements, please see the. The Public Defenders Office is committed to fairness in the justice system. 5 0 obj This increases the chances people will commit new crimes due to their inability to lawfully support themselves and pursue pro-social goals. Felony or Misdemeanor? Doors open at 10:45 a.m. with meeting at 11 a.m. New officers will be installed for the next term. Spray On Rubber Coating For Wood, No individuals, Compiled by Mari Erin Roth Lake Almanor Over the past seven days there has been a combination of rain. Schwamb is seeking her own legal representation. The Pima County Public Defenders Office was established in 1970 and began with a handful of lawyers and a few support staff. Bucks County Administration Building 55 East Court Street Doylestown, PA 18901 Phone (Toll Free): 1-888-942-8257 Phone: 215-348-6000 Email Us; Justice Center. Plumas County Public Health Agency Plumas County Sheriff Plumas County Unified School District California State Archivist City of Portola The Golden State. By contrast, misdemeanors are punishable by no more than six months in the Pima County jail (and a fine of up to $2,500 plus surcharges). For your protection, obtain proof of mailing from your post office. ++7o~ }noFqpa[#Y.Kx=Nl?uj3-313kFtVSZ''|&Y` Wi)7kPsFG[4r^97cpQ!+MvtR\`=UTnvDm:y_BD_~hu}U||iSL;^}JQX&QV_abWbRKfL|bhut3 h'4W`w!CBW7o\59-sl};X{*ILqG[+/fx*-,r Jan. 15, 2023. Bail violates equal protection and due process of law, and should be abolished. b$W^n/,*7,+1LKG:DQ9P^fd&a:F!P All jurisdictions should create institutions designed to rehabilitate people, correct criminal behavior, and lessen recidivism. If a lawyer calls a client, the client should make sure to return the call. These lawyers work under the Office of Court Appointed Counsel to ensure the availability of additional lawyers when the Legal Defenders and Public Defenders caseloads become too great. <> View Public Defense Services pamphlet. 284 Clio State 40a Rd. The Pima County Legal Advocates Office represents indigent individuals upon court appointment in felony cases where, due to conflict or workload reasons, they cannot be represented by the Public Defender or Legal Defender offices. WebPlumas County Public Safety Realignment Implementation Plan Update 2021/22 Executive Committee of the Community Corrections Partnership Keevin Allred, Chief Probation OUR CLIENTS SHOULD NOT DRINK OR USE DRUGS. Students learn such skills as effective oral advocacy through regular court appearances, client interviewing and relationship building, motions writing and argumentation, plea bargaining, sentencing preparation and advocacy, witness interviewing, and trial strategy development and implementation. When they are in front of a judge they should always say Your Honor, or Sir, or Maam. They must never lie. In particular, our clients should be careful about the people they choose to associate with because hanging out with the wrong people can still result in the client getting into trouble. Welcome. 3 0 obj ;jNRx3Yv0$1a/;Fo ]wqCt|i. The criminal justice system no longer seeks to rehabilitate people convicted of crimes. The Public Defenders Office is broken up into teams of lawyers. In light of our shared and inherent humanity, we challenge injustice, promote systemic change, and advocate for the fair treatment of all people by providing vigorous representation as guaranteed by the United States and Arizona Constitutions. For-profit corporations should also be barred from operating pre-trial release programs, probation and parole programs, psychological treatment programs, and rehabilitation and substance abuse programs. In addition to the Pima County Employment Application, applicants for the Attorney position must also fill out the Supplemental Application for Attorneys. Once hired, lawyers are then required to go through a training period before being assigned to their trial team. <> endobj :`j^S2'vMHA )$ !@k Ronald Hazzard is the Circuit Public Defender for both Horry and Georgetown Counties. No one should be released from prison yet continue to suffer collateral consequences of their conviction for the rest of their life. 2 0 obj Riley's Jerky Grand Opening. <> Brief Descriptions of Position Duties and Requirements. ]P1yW/ s*DLV)]2]E4mWbH!%+!"88Y' 2`4 H'\% "AQ^}j^[UBPqS`eX6>. To support our clients as diligent and conscientious advocates and maintain the highest levels of professional integrity. All barriers to rehabilitation should be abolished. endobj endobj Pre-trial detention and prison sentences for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia should be abolished, and treatment and rehabilitation programs created in their place. Our clients are the first and primary concern of lawyers in our office. endobj Webpublic defenders office in Surrounding Plumas County | Reviews - Yellowbook. 9 0 obj Arizona taxpayers now spend $20,000 more per inmate than they spend per K-12 student. Lawyers working in the Public Defenders Office are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct requiring they provide the same responsibilities to their clients that private lawyers do. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. archived agendas, minutes and other documents, State Controller, Division of Collections, Bureau of Tax Administration, Feather River Tourism Marketing District (FRTMD), Collections for court fines, fees, traffic school, restitution, and public defender fees. <> WebPlumas County Public Health Agency Quincy Clinic Organization Address: 270 County Hospital Rd Ste 206 Quincy, California 95971 United States County: Plumas Phone Number: (530) 283-6330 Main Phone Number Clinic Website (s): Main Website Facebook Appointment Required: Yes Hours: Monday,8:00am To 5:00pm Tuesday,8:00am To % AI%t@}pxW[ A06[@ eOpXt,W^m?b!sQXi Plumas County Public Health Agency, Quincy, California. stream VgK7{a${|al_-gvZqO0*RS`4gP#^W-=X e r{wQWy}8ii3x1(j % The Pima County Public Defender periodically reviews applications for qualified Attorneys, Legal Office Support Specialists (Legal Secretary), Legal Assistants, Social Workers, Interns and Volunteers. Resources are provided by ReThink Industries, the Probation Department, Behavioral Health Department and the Sheriff's Office. 7 0 obj 4 0 obj Riley's Jerky. Statistical Analysis, Budget Management A public defender was temporarily appointed for a woman charged with three counts of murder and a fourth count of felony driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and causing injury in a prior conviction. 1 0 obj Administration. Fresno County Public Defender. WebFranklin County Historic Courthouse 2 North Main Street Chambersburg, PA 17201 (717) 261-3863 Fax: (717) 261-3197 Hours: M - F, 8:30am - 4:30pm Property tax collection is governed by the State of California Revenue and Taxation Code under the guidance of the State Controller, Division of Collections, Bureau of Tax Administration. How To Change Default Video Player In Laptop, By law, Public Defenders are prohibited from defending anybody on any matter other than cases assigned to their office. Arraignment was again waived. So, while the Public Defender's lawyers have heavy caseloads, the office structure permits trial lawyers to have ongoing help and support in the handling of their caseloads. <> She was then released into the custody of the Plumas County Sheriffs Corrections Center. Phone: (520) 724-6967 The two vehicles collided almost head-on. 10 0 obj WebPlumas County Public Works County & Parish Government Community Organizations Government Offices Website 27 YEARS IN BUSINESS (530) 283-6268 1834 E Main St Quincy, CA 95971 CLOSED NOW Businesses in Related Categories to Attorneys 3. Madera County Public Defender. Postal Service determines the payment date. If you have any questions, please view our list of frequently asked questions for possible answers. 7 0 obj Please view the 2022-2023 Lassen County CAO Recommended Budget adopted by the Board of Supervisors on September 20, 2022. archived agendas, minutes and other documents, DIXIE FIRE AND BECKWOURTH COMPLEX FIRE INFORMATION, Detecting Identity Theft: The Quicker The Better, Remove Your Information From Marketing Lists, Bogus Telemarketers Seek Credit Card Information. All lawyers in the Public Defenders Office undergo continuing legal education required by the State Bar of Arizona. Accounts Payable Print. 5 0 obj All job applications and resumes must be completed and submitted to the Pima County Human Resources Department. If a lawyer sends a client documents (such as police reports or a grand jury transcript), the client should review them closely, and make notes of any questions to ask, or comments to make to the lawyer. Gov. More Info. x][G3}5" A client can also help a lawyer to locate witnesses that could be helpful to his or her case. Remember to turn your clocks back one hour if you. La oficina del Defensor Pblico del Condado Pima fue establecida en 1970 y empez con un puado de abogados y personal de oficina. Schwamb allegedly pulled out into the westbound lane, passing over double yellow lines and on a right hand curve. The Pima County Public Defender provides court appointed legal defense services in felony, juvenile, and dependency cases. x][G3}5" Las Oficinas Legales del Defensor Pblico se encarga de casos que se extienden en seriedad desde cargos menores como crmines danios o crmines de intrusin sin autorizacin hasta casos de homicidio capital en donde el estado estar en busca de la pena de muerte. WebCheck, Money Order or Cash: Plumas County Treasurer. Our offices represent indigentindividuals upon appointmentof the Court. 315 High Street, 8th Floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. The Court will appoint the Public Defenders Office, or another Court approved lawyer, to represent a child who is accused of a crime. Cash bail ensures poor people are punished for crimes they have not been convicted of, while rich people go free. endobj Monday, September 19, 2022 . She was then released into the custody of the Plumas County Sheriffs Corrections Center. She will do it again,she has proven that. Nov 19 Plumas. vn#D! q~wn.Pwp What if the person driving was a family member of yours would you be so quick to throw the keys away . General Court Procedures from Arrest through Trial and Appeal. :`j^S2'vMHA )$ !@k As recommended by the 2009 National Institute of Justice report, crime laboratories should be run independently from law enforcement agencies. stream % 8 0 obj WebThe Pima County Public Defender provides legal defense services to people charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in Pima County, as well as representing juveniles in As a result other team members can provide the support of a second lawyer if needed. James Timberlake, 58, was a passenger in the Subaru and sustained minor injuries. The ACLU recommends the county provide parity in funding for the district attorneys office and the public defenders office. Schwamb was charged with three fatalities following a crash Monday, Feb. 5, at 2:19 p.m., on Highway 70 near Soda Creek Road between Twain and the Greenville Wye. 6 0 obj endobj A#4 The attorneys and staff endeavor to provide clients with the best service possible given the resources available. Osborn was given until March 23 at 9 a.m. to familiarize himself with Schwambs case. She moved her vehicle right into alignment with a 1997 Ford F-150 being driven by Belden resident Tom Fridrich, 61. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the imposition of penalties. <> That decision should be based on verified and replicated scientific studies which have been accepted by a consensus of the scientific community. <> Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Law clerk positions are full-time (40 hours/week) with benefits including healthcare, HSAs, retirement, and paid sick and vacation leave. Tucson, AZ 85701 Monday - Friday Spelling Tip. Our office has professional investigators who will actually locate and contact the necessary witnesses. Santa Stops will be held at the corner of Plumas Street and Teagarden Avenue, along with Northridge Park. Detaining and imprisoning children, and saddling them with felony and misdemeanor convictions exacerbates anti-social behavior and increases the chances children will commit crimes as adults. 13 0 obj 2 0 obj An attorney from the Public Defenders Office will assist the minor at that hearing. OUR CLIENTS MUST AVOID GETTING ARRESTED FOR A NEW CRIME. WfG=|XIy3a)5aCDTSCj-4~Z_&0^s$Sy9M7d+-IN[;Oqu;o{B2xTI{boy ^=Tn9}GNxkH[5?/}^f3 eUJ6CWqCff&sNtC9}qo NP'@FOwn@ '%fJx7#YS\ However, if the juvenile does not want their parent present or does not want certain information shared with a parent then the attorney is required to keep that information confidential. No person should held in jail before trial unless the state proves by clear and convincing evidence they will be a threat to the community if they are released. The Plumas County Public Records (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Plumas County public records. This means that one lawyer represents the State, another represents the accused. <> Sex offenders' failure to maintain up-to-date contact information should be treated as an administrative matter, and offenders who do not register when ordered to do so should be held in civil contempt of court. Judges should be restored to their role as fair and neutral arbiters. However, if you would like assistance in obtaining an attorney, the Lawyer's Referral Service provides referral assistance. % Judge Janet Hilde appointed Craig Osborne of Truckee to temporarily represent Karen Schwamb, 48, in court Feb. 23. NETR Online Plumas Plumas Public Records, Search Plumas Records, Plumas Property Tax, California Property Search, California Assessor . The property is zoned C-2 (Periphery Commercial) and is located at 73815 S. Delleker Road, Portola, CA; Assessor Parcel . endobj ;jNRx3Yv0$1a/;Fo ]wqCt|i. Legal Defender The Pima County Legal Defender's Office represents indigent individuals upon court appointment in all felony cases, direct appeal and Rule 32 post-conviction matters, and extradition hearings. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis. The Plumas County GIS Maps Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Plumas County public records. Filter by Destination Type, Activities or Amenities, Recreational Access / Special Use Permits, Health and Wellness Related to Air Quality, Library: Business, Jobs, & Nonprofit Resources, Environmental Education and Interpretive Programs, Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Maps and Tools, Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN), Office of Sustainability and Conservation, Legal Clinic/Rights Restoration/Know Your Rights, General Court Procedures from Arrest through Trial and Appeal, visit our Juvenile Records Destruction page. She had a choice. by the Arizona Public Defender Association. endobj JULIE WATSON and DOUG GLASS. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Official State Website; UCC Info; Corporation, LP, LLC Search; Name. 1Fc1+VE{-{Ss\"jGU )xV'9%A .,H%zur=)RP=|UBS"i_LKK-JG{piy=mMODUV(*[s ,R~nLLHnJ1hU}O.TPv f\{iUAM|T.>ij}>}9_+e@%A|[(5+.~/}]dffBCZ6?ZG7R WebWelcome to the York County Public Defender's Office. Only scientific evidence validated by these independent panels should then be considered by courts for admission into evidence at trial, pursuant to the. 7 0 obj <> FILE - Rocks and vegetation cover Highway 70 following a landslide in the Dixie Fire zone on Oct. 24, 2021, in Plumas County, Calif. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File) ASSOCIATED PRESS. % AI%t@}pxW[ A06[@ eOpXt,W^m?b!sQXi 33 N. Stone Ave., 21st Flr Caltrans issued an update on Highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon this afternoon, Jan. 17, reiterating that it remainsclosed, By Cary Dingel, [emailprotected] Among researchers, Californias winters are notoriously hard to predict because of the variability of the states. Work in a modern office environment across the street from the Pima County Superior Court House. 10 0 obj The sentencing laws in Pima County are not favorable to persons accused of crimes, and those charged often face difficult decisions. Mission The mission of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender is to protect the fundamental rights, liberties and dignity of each person whose case has been entrusted to us by providing the finest legal representation. ,u>sP{=n8+{y0ye1G}9-mfXAc3W?t7c?l\yb>[(u:;7Hlk=V\Q'JAcSaTE`.Xff4$C0xRGK%d%A=_Uvn|ZJ7NO<7P*~A Susan Chapman (1986): Monterey County Public Defender, County of Monterey and the first woman to hold this position (2017) San Benito County Organization Address: 270 County Hospital Rd. They can remain in detention longer than that if the Judge so orders. The lawyers job is to take some of the pressure of decision-making off the shoulders of the client, but the client still needs to be involved. The Public Defender's Office defends people charged with crimes who cannot afford to hire an attorney.
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